Mera Bites

All Organic Ingredients

The Chocolate Chip & Coconut Cookie Ingredients:

Blanched almond flour, 
Unsweetened shredded coconut, 
Organic eggs, 
Organic pure maple syrup, 
Organic unrefined coconut oil, 
70% cacao chocolate chip, 
Pure vanilla extract, 
Baking soda, 
Sea salt

Nutritional facts - 

Serving size: 1 cookie (2oz)
calories 182, total fat 13g, sat fat 9g, trans fat 0, fiber 2g, sodium 188mg, sugar 8g, carb 12g, protein 3g

The Double Chocolate (Vegan) Brownie Cookie Ingredients:

Blanched almond flour
Organic Coconut flour
Unsweetened Cocoa powder
70% soy free chocolate chips
Unrefined Organic Coconut oil
Organic pure maple syrup
Pure vanilla extract
Baking soda
Sea salt

Nutritional facts - 

Serving size: 1 brownie (2oz)

calories 195, total fat 14g, sat fat 10g, trans fat 0, fiber 5g, sodium 20mg, sugar 12g, carb 16g, protein 4g

The Pumpkin Spice Cookie Ingredients:

Almond flour
Organic coconut flour
Organic pumpkin puree
Organic Pure maple syrup
Organic egg
Vanilla extract
Baking soda
Kosher salt
Pumpkin spice blend
Sea salt

Nutritional facts -

Serving size: 1 cookie (2oz)
calories 100, total fat 3g, sat fat 0g, trans fat 0, fiber 2g, sodium 121mg, sugar 10g, carb 15g, protein 2g 

Paleo cookie in hand

Gluten free-

Made with kosher, blanched almond flour

Grain free-

Okay to eat for those with grain intolerance

Dairy free-

Made with organic, unrefined coconut oil

Preservative free-

Eat them fresh, refrigerated or freeze them

Instead of Refined Sugars-

We (lightly) sweetened with organic maple syrup.”


 … But we promise NOT Delicious-Free!

  • Our unsweetened shredded coconut is sulfur dioxide-free which is a preservative;
  • Our coconut oil is organic and unrefined;
  • Our almond flour base is non GMO, kosher and certified gluten-free;
  • Our eggs are organic;
  • Our maple syrup is 100% pure and organic.
  • Our chocolate is organic and soy-free