Mera Bites

We believe good food sets you free.

We exist to provide you with deliciously-pure, nutritionally-rich treats that give you the energy and the freedom to enjoy life to its fullest. Let Mera Bites be a tasty reminder that life - like food - is meant to be enjoyed.

Believe us because we have experienced first hand what it is like for your health to get in the way of your freedom. So we set out to create authentically healthy, nutritious treats you will never feel guilty about eating. 

We hope you enjoy our hand-scooped and freshly baked cookies, naturally free from Gluten, Grain, Dairy & Preservatives. Additional Vegan, Soy & Sugar-Free options available.  

MERA is the Latin word for Pure, Simple & Naked, as is the integrity of our (whole-food) ingredients. The deeper inspiration behind our name comes from the Greek word "Meraki." Co-founder (and proud Greek), Anna Hagopian, introduced this word to us a while back while giving an interview about the company, Meraki (v): to do something with creativity, soul and passion; to put your essence into your work. This word eloquently captures the unique work ethic and drive behind how and why our company operates.

Because Sharing Means Caring.

We know you love our cookies, so make sure you share us with your friends.  Our cookies make the perfect Thank You, Congratulations, Happy Birthday, Thinking Of You, Get Well and Just Because- gifts ideas.  

Send our cookies to your kid away at college; to score points with your tough mother-in-law; to cheer up your gluten-free co-worker; or as a group order for your next special event.  

Whatever the occasion, our cookies have you covered!

The Paleo Cookie Gluten free Dairy free GMO free  Soy free Organic Snack

Cookies so good, customers send us "Love Letters."


"Mera bites are little bites of heaven! Never have a had such a great tasting treat with simple, and clean ingredients. As a registered dietitian, I'm always looking for healthy treats to recommend to my clients and to have for myself and Mera Bites check all of the boxes. The ingredients are exactly what I would use if I was making cookies, but definitely better than anything I could bake myself! You can feel good knowing the ingredients are free from refined grains, sugars and sweeteners---all the flavors are amazing, especially pumpkin spice!"

- Maggie Michalczyk, RDN @onceuponapumpkin 


Hear what our customers are raving about:   

Hear what our customers are raving about:


“We eat healthy and have pretty much given up desserts because we know how bad refined sugars are.  Now that we found these amazing (seriously we can’t believe how good they are) Paleo Cookies and Brownies we can reward ourselves with treats again!  Merabites makes it easy to eat healthy AND be able to treat ourselves with an out-of-this-world delicious dessert.”

- Brian & Mary Bosak - Yoga instructor, and Salsa dancers