Mera Bites

Love Letters

Julie Graham - Operations Director, Central Business Unit, Beer Division:

“Hi Anna, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been buying your Original Paleo Cookies at Kramer’s Health Foods in the Loop and they are amazing!  I’m Celiac and Casein Intolerant so I do a lot of Paleo cooking because it dovetails nicely with my dietary requirements.  So I KNOW good Paleo baked goods are rare, and I commend you for creating such a delicious and nutritious product.  Thanks and best wishes!”

Marni Senofonte:

I got them yesterday and I LOVE them! Receiving them was like a Xmas miracle in October!!!!

I won't let anyone even near them..... I must order more.....

Your story is as amazing as these cookies, they are so good, it feels like I'm cheating!  
Thnkx sooooo much! “

Aaron Wahls, Owner River North CrossFit:

"As a gym owner I feel it is very important to only offer products in our retail area that I myself use and believe in. That is why I'm proud to offer Paleo Fit Meals cookies and other snacks.

The Paleo Fit Meals cookie is made with the highest quality (REAL) ingredients and the taste is better than any other paleo snack out there. If you are looking for a midday snack, an evening dessert, or just some post workout fuel then the paleo fit meals cookie is perfect for you"

Sharon Cohn Repka:

"Anna, I picked up some of your cookies at the Goddess and Baker yesterday and they are positively amazing!!!  They are officially my newest addiction.
I have a backup in my freezer because I never want to go without your cookies."

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We love the effect our cookies have on people.  Jessica Hernandez, a Chicago mom of a picky eater, was inspired to create this video for us...

Our healthy cookies are Kid Approved!